The 2019 Wallingford Family Parade is
Saturday, July 13 at 11am.
The parade will begin at Meridian Park and go west on 45th to Interlake Avenue N.
See you then!

Would you like to be a part of the fun?  More info here

2018 Prize Winning Marchers!
1st Place, Senior Drill Team:  Electronettes Hi-Steppers
2nd Place, Senior Drill Team:  Washington Diamonds
1st Place, Junior Drill Team:  Electonettes Hi-Steppers
2nd Place, Junior Drill Team:  Sister Kate Dance Company

Blue Ribbons
1st Place:  The French Poodles
2nd Place:  St. Benedict Church & School
3rd Place;  Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire

White Ribbons: 
Wallingford Community Senior Center
Fremont Community School

The parade begins at Meridian Park goes down Bagley N to N45th and ends at Interlake N. Start time is 11am.  End time is between 12noon and 12:30pm.

We're also very excited (and proud) to announce that the Wallingford Family Parade is now produced by a brand new group of dedicated neighborhood folks who've created a small, but mighty non-profit, Celebrate Wallingford.
We look forward to presenting, not just the parade, but more community events, too.  Want to be a part of the fun?  Contact us here.

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