The 2018 Wallingford Family Parade is

Saturday, July 14.
It all happens at
11am in the heart of Wallingford!

Since that date just happens to be Bastille Day, we invite you to join our two French Lovers, Maxime & Camille, as they celebrate French Independence, the storming of the Bastille and the Wallingford community!

They'll dance down 45th with their miniature French flags and sing French songs. They'll eat French fries, croissants and baguettes. They'll stop to
pet French poodles & French bulldogs, they'll sip French champagne & finish the day off with macarons and cafe au lait.

So what's Paris got on Wallingford?
Not a thing!
The Arc D'Triomphe? Wallingford has an arch!
The French Open? Wallingford has tennis courts!
Tour de France? Wallingford has bicyclists dressed in formal wear!
A military parade? Wallingford loves a parade! This neighborhood parade features kids, clowns, drill teams and marching bands!  

So. Join us as the Wallingford Family Parade goes French for the first time ever!

Be French for a Day!

Gratuit!  Tout le monde est le bienvenu!

The parade begins at Meridian Park goes down Bagley N to N45th and ends at Interlake N. Start time is 11am.  End time is between 12noon and 12:30pm.

We're also very excited (and proud) to announce that the Wallingford Family Parade is now produced by a brand new group of dedicated neighborhood folks who've created a small, but mighty non-profit, Celebrate Wallingford.
We look forward to presenting, not just the parade, but more community events, too.  Want to be a part of the fun?  Contact us here.

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