Thanks for being a part of the French fun July 14, 2018!

It's the 69th Annual WALLINGFORD FAMILY Parade!
Yes, we were French for a Day!

Participants included organized units (drill teams, floats, etc.) as well as very French neighborhood kids, dogs and families.

Everyone was encouraged to embrace the parade theme, French for a Day! Think French poodles, French toast, French films, French vanilla and FROGS. Always frogs.

Basic info

Neighborhood kids don’t need to register.
Just show up at the South end of Meridian Playground at 10am on the morning of the parade with your parents (they don’t have to march).

For Registered parade units, the Muster Time is between 9am & 10am at the South end of Meridian Playground.
If you have a motor vehicle, you will be given instructions then.

Online registration is closed for the season.  See you next year!

Got questions? We got answers. Contact us HERE

The small print:
Please observe the following rules for everyone’s safety and enjoyment!
  • Participants must follow all instructions from police or parade officials.
  • Do not throw materials along the parade route. Distribution of candy, gifts, merchandise, or other materials may be handed out or rolled on the ground.
  • Distributing literature is strongly discouraged. If you do, you must provide volunteers for the clean-up crew.
  • Entrants must clean up after all animals participating in the parade.
  • Participants are reminded to stay on course with the parade route and to refrain from mingling with parade route spectators.
  • Current candidates for public office may not register or march within other groups in the parade.
  • Any vendors must have prior approval to be allowed on the street during the parade.
  • Registrations must be complete to be included in the parade.

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Cindy Payne,
Mar 2, 2018, 1:36 PM
Cindy Payne,
Mar 2, 2018, 1:36 PM