The Wallingford Family Parade has a 69 year history! 

It began as a Kiddie Parade (the only kiddie parade in the city, by the way) and throughout the years has had several different faces. There were mini festivals, not so mini festivals and at times, the event nearly fell into such disrepair that is was questionable whether it would survive. 

But survive it has.  With the tenacity and new energy of community producers, Celebrate Wallingford, we look forward to many more years of comfy neighborhood fun.

Celebrate Wallingford is a brand new neighborhood non-profit created especially to produce the parade, but has plans to work on other Wallingford projects, too.

Here's the Executive Board

Debbi Larson

Mark Aucutt
Vice President

Stephen Finkenscher

Katherine Boran

Would you like to be a part of the fun?  Contact us!

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